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Now you can protect your children with high quality safety flooring without breaking the bank!

These bright and attractive foam tiles are ideal for playrooms, living rooms, conservatories and even patios – anywhere where young children are playing on a hard surface. Bumps knocks and grazes are a thing of the past with these handy interlocking tiles that can be laid and taken up again in seconds.

The high-grip surface means little ones won’t slip over, while the water-resistant tiles can be instantly wiped clean of spilled food, drink and ‘little accidents’!

The tiles are ideal for bedrooms as they insulate little feet from cold winter floors and cushion little heads if children fall out of bed.

Kids can learn as they play in safety! The numbers and letters – which are printed in a bold font to make them easier to read - can also be removed to form fun and educational floor puzzles, getting children familiar with letters and numbers and giving them a head start in reading and maths.

Each tiles in the package measured 1 square foot (12" x 12" x 1cm or 31cm x 31cm x 1cm thick)and the tiles can be quickly joined together. The tiles can even be joined with other sets from us to create an enormous safety mat for halls, gyms, playschools and other areas where temporary soft flooring is required – an ideal solution where cost and ease of laying/putting away are considerations.

The tiles can be arranged in any shape required – why not let the kids put them together themselves to stimulate their imagination?

As well as providing safety for children playing on hard floors, the tiles also offer hours of fun.

These tiles are superior to many on the market, being made of high quality materials which are guaranteed to be free from unpleasant odours (unlike stinky products made from inferior materials!).

High density EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) foam is used for maximum protection, durability and light weight. The tiles are even UV-resistant so can be left outside without deteriorating.

EN71 - Part 1, 2, 3 & 9-11. Safety for toy test certified product. Ammonia and phthalates free.

EN71-Part 1 Physical & Meahanical
EN71-Part 2 Flammability
EN71-Part 3 Specification for migration of certain elements (Toxicity, ie. lead, latex)
EN71-Part 9-11 Organic chemical compounds (including formaldehyde and phthalates)

Our tiles have passed all of the above testing with flying colours!

When buying toys or other products to be used by children, always make sure that they conform to BS EN71.

1. Each pack of tiles comes in a random set of six bright and attractive colours - Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue, so sets may differ in colour from illustration.

2. Suitable for ages 3+